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Tim Hurn

Tim is a true country potter. Not only does he live deep in the Dorset countryside but he sells his pots locally at Bridport Market every Saturday and to those who make their way to his pottery. However, Tim does also exhibit widely and his pots are available through a small number of galleries. Tim's pots are deeply rooted in the traditions of the Dorset countryside. Tim uses an ash or shino glaze on some of his pots but most are unglazed. The variations in texture and patterning, their scarring even, are the result of their time in the wood fired kiln. Towards the end of every firing Tim introduces salt into the kiln which vapourises and produces the characteristic orange peel effect on the most exposed areas. Read more.....

Small kostrel. 18.8cms high. 
£85  Reference No: TH034
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Vase. 14.8cms high. 
£50  Reference No: TH044
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Large tapered jug. 30cms high. 
£105  Reference No: TH002
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Large kostrel. 24cms high. 
£125  Reference No: TH003
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After studying ceramics at Camberwell School of Arts and Crafts Tim Hurn took part in the International Workshop of Ceramic Art in Tokoname, Japan, one of the seven ancient kiln sites in Japan. He travelled, worked and exhibited in Japan for six months, gaining experience in wood firing kilns and absorbing the rich Mingei or folk traditions of Japanese art and craft. Then he was apprentice to John Leach at Mulchelney for two years. In 1988 Tim moved to Bettiscombe in Dorset and built an anagama kiln. He has been making fine pots there ever since.
Tim is now producing some pots with a shino glaze, with remarkable results. 

Further information about Timís work can be found at his website www.timhurn.co.uk.
There is also a video on Youtube in which you can see Tim at work: