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Peter Sparrey produces finely thrown pieces in stoneware and porcelain. Originally from Worcestershire, Peter has now returned to the UK after living in Normandy for eight years. Over the last 25 years he has earned a formidable reputation for his forms and mastery of glazes. His work has been available through leading galleries in the UK, even during his time in France, and his pots are in major public and private collections worldwide. Read more.....

Stoneware tea bowl. Chun glaze with ilmenite rim. Chun interior. 9.5cms high, diameter 10.8cms.
90  Reference No: PS035. SALE PRICE 80
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Stoneware tea bowl. Tenmoku glaze with ilmenite decoration. 10.5cms high, diameter 9.6cms.
90  Reference No: PS034. SALE PRICE 75
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Porcelain tea bowl with tenmoku and chun glazes. 7.9cms high, diameter 10.8cms.
65  Reference No: PS001 SALE PRICE 55
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Peter first discovered clay and the potter's wheel at school when he was eleven and went straight from school into an apprenticeship with Guernsey Pottery where he was a production thrower of slip decorated earthenware. He set up his own pottery in 1987 and moved to working with stoneware and porcelain. From 1996 to 1999 Peter was based for much of the time in Kuwait working with the British Council, British School of Kuwait and British Studio Arts to establish 'East meets West' links with Kuwaiti potters. From 2004 to 2012 Peter was based in Normandy. 

Peter's pots are finely thrown. His forms have an ageless quality. He employs a variety of glazes, often combining them in a complex way, always with stunning effect. Glazes include tenmoku, sang de boeuf copper reds, celadon, ash, chun and metallic lustres. Most pieces are reduction fired to 1300 degrees in a gas kiln.

In 2007 Paul Rice, author of 'British Studio Ceramics', held an exhibition of Peter's work in his London gallery alongside a retrospective of Poh Chap Yeap.

Peter has written:
If I had to pin-point one of the most consequential moments in my life as a potter, I would begin with a very vivid memory of the first pot I ever made. It was a coiled bowl with intricately pinched, coral-like decoration. My teacher, Jerry Fryman, asked me to stay on through my lunch hour to complete the work. I remember wishing at the time that I had never started all the painstaking detail, but reluctantly I stayed behind in class and finished the piece. From that day on there was no looking back. I was hooked!

Working with clay is always an emotive experience. There are moments of pure exhilaration and joy that contrast with times of sheer frustration and extreme anxiety. Intrinsically it is the force of these emotions that fuel my
passion for clay. I love the challenge and I am equally delighted when the completed pots are seen to please and be enjoyed by others.

For further examples of Peter's work visit his website at www.studioteabowls.com.