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Paul McLoughlin

Paul loves isolated wilder places where one can free oneself from the pressures and stresses of modern society and he has increasingly gone to such areas of beauty with his camera to try and capture what he feels there. In doing so he tries to portray something of the emotional experience of a place in a moment of time rather than just
a simple photographic record. He exhibits his work regularly throughout Devon and has won acclaim from his peers as well as the viewing public. The photographs below are just a sample of those that we hold in the gallery. A portfolio of Paul's work can be seen at www.flickr.com/photos/macdad1948. Any of these can be ordered through us or by contacting Paul directly. Read more.....

Paul is a member of Exeter Camera Club. Recently he has been inspired to find ‘dark sky’ areas relatively free from light pollution to create ‘starscapes’ often featuring the Milky Way. He is also undertaking a long term photo documentary project about the work of some of the artisans and traders of Crediton Farmers Market.