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Mike Dodd

From the time that Mike Dodd opened his first pottery in 1968 he has acquired an international reputation for his integrity and skill as a potter. His imagination is always channelled through functional ware. As well as producing aethetically pleasing forms he has also produced his own glazes, drawing on locally available natural materials, for example local granites and other rocks, clays and wood ashes. He has also had a long career as a lecturer and has written many articles for ceramics journals. His pots feature regularly in major galleries in the UK and abroad and we are privileged to be able to offer some of his work here. Read more.....

Faceted bowl, 10.5cms high, 14.4 in diameter.
75  Reference No: MD003
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Bowl, 9.3cms high, 18cms in diameter.
85  Reference No: MD004
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Vase with single lug, tenmoku glaze with wax resist decoration, 20cms high.
95  Reference No: MD006
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Vase with single lug, incised decoration, 28.7cms high.
95  Reference No: MD007
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Jug, 19.6cms high.
50  Reference No: MD010
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Bowl with incised and trailed decoration, 9.7cms high, 12.3cms in diameter.
75  Reference No: MD012
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Lidded box, with incised decoration to lid.
80  Reference No: MD013
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In Mike Dodd's own words:

'Pottery is a very tactile craft. Throughout the process of making I try to keep the clay's soft and plastic qualities alive. In formulating glazes from naturally occurring local materials, I usually try to do the same, that is, enhance those plastic qualities I so respond to. The attempt is to make objects which are both practical and delightful to use and which, at the same time enrich our visual and tactile environment.'

Details of Mike Dodd's training and career can be found at his own website mikedodd.sefol.com and at www.studiopottery.co.uk/profile/Mike/Dodd .