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Lisa Hammond

Lisa Hammond set up her first pottery in 1980 and soon became one of the pioneers of soda glazing. Her passion has been to create functional ware for the preparation, cooking and serving of food, but she has always given time and thought to making individual and expressive pieces. In recent years Lisa has produced her own interpretation of traditional Japanese wares, with a stunning application of shino glaze. Read more.....

Large jug, 26.5cms high.
105. Reference number: LH009. SALE PRICE 80
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Large tsubo, 25cms high.
450. Reference number: LH010.
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Chawan, approx. 11cms diameter, 9.5cms high.
250. Reference number: LH013.
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Lidded water jar, approx. 17cms diameter, 12.3.cms high.
280. Reference number: LH014.
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Large faceted bottle, 33.5cms high.
450. Reference number: LH015.
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Lisa Hammond has been described as one of the most driven of modern studio potters in the UK today. As well as constantly developing her skills and understanding she has always been ready to share her knowledge with others. She has had teaching posts at Goldsmith's College and Camberwell School of Art as well as lecturing widely in the UK and abroad. Her Maze Hill pottery in Greenwich has been providing evening and weekend courses for the last fifteen years.

Lisa has exhibited widely and regularly in the UK and abroad, including Japan in recent years, following Crafts Council research awards to visit and work in Japan. Her work has featured in numerous journal articles. She is a Fellow of the Craft Potters Association and currently Vice Chair.

Further information about Lisa's work can be found at www.mazehillpottery.co.uk and www.lisahammond-pottery.co.uk.

A video of Lisa talking about her work can be found on The Guardian website at http://www.guardian.co.uk/artanddesign/video/2012/oct/01/potter-lisa-hammond-video