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Helena Bowen

Helena first learned her skills from her father, Clive Bowen. Her passion is animal sculpture. For most pieces she uses slip on earthenware but she also works with glazed stoneware. In a very individual way Helena seeks to show the dignity, indeed the nobility of her animals. Read more.....

In Helena's own words:

Animals have fascinated me all my life, as a child touring America searching the undergrowth for snakes, getting up at 4am to try to spot moose in Norway (no success), closer to home struggling through hedges to get to badger setts, through to my zoology degree at Bristol University.

Growing up in a pottery it seemed natural to me to spend time trying to model animals from clay. Horses are undoubtedly my favourites and have been both work and pleasure for me. As a teenager I competed in horse trials with my mare Philomel; as a groom horses have taken me from local stables to Windsor and Kenya. 
The variety of colour and pattern in a herd of horses has led me to try a range of firing techniques to reflect this variation in my work. Currently I use stoneware and earthenware clays but I am always tempted to try new glazes and clays. I am experimenting with a mould to make larger sized horses as a next step.

My work has been exhibited at The Ombersley Gallery, Otterton Mill Gallery, Burton Art Gallery, Shebbear Pottery, Powdermills Pottery and at craft fairs in Devon.