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Clive Bowen
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Clive Bowen

Clive Bowen is acknowledged as a master of the traditional skills of slipware. At the same time his decorative techniques owe much to the Japanese tradition of painting and calligraphy where a stroke, once started, must be finished, with no opportunity of re-working. The sophistication of slips, glazes and artistry combines with the rough simplicity of the earthenware to produce functional pots of great beauty. Read more.....

Platter. 30.6cms in diameter, 5.4cms high.
95  Reference No: CB052
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Honey pot. 15cms high to top of finial.
65  Reference No: CB034
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1 pint jug. 16.4cms high.
40  Reference No: CB022
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Bowl. 17.2cms in diameter, 9.5cms high.
40  Reference No: CB024
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Honey pot. Approx 15cms high.
65  Reference No: CB007
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Large bowl. Approx 25cms in diameter.
90  Reference No: CB016
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Clive Bowen was born in Cardiff in 1943. After completing a course in painting and etching at Cardiff College of Art he served an apprenticeship with Michael Leach from 1965 to 1969. In 1970 Clive worked as a commercial thrower at Brannam pottery in Barnstaple, Devon. During this time he became involved with Michael Cardew's pottery at Wenford Bridge, Cornwall. In 1971 he established his own pottery at Shebbear in North Devon.

Clive Bowen's pots are made from the local Fremington clay, the same clay used by Edwin Beer Fishley and Charles Brannam. Decoration is achieved by trailing, combing and sgraffito.

Major public collections include:
Victoria and Albert Museum
Crafts Council
National Museum of Wales
Ulster Museum, Belfast

Goldmark Art have a videoed interview with Clive Bowen on their website at